Stucco is a very strong, cement or lime based plaster generally used on exteriors. When properly installed, stucco is about as carefree and long lived as anyone could wish for. But, when cracks or blisters appear, it is time to make repairs, before the damage grows. Cracks and holes that develop in the surface let in water that can quickly lead to further damage to the stucco and the underlying surfaces. As a house settles overtime, cracks may appear in the stucco. The type of repair required will depend on the size of the cracks. Although stucco is a very tough surface, it may start to look faded or dated over time and need a fresh coat of paint. Unlike ordinary house paint, paint used for stucco must be able to breathe to prevent moisture from getting trapped behind the paint, causing it to blister or peel.

Weather Conditions

Weather is a very important factor when patching and repairing stucco. It best to apply stucco in 50 to 80 degrees F and nighttime temperatures should stay above 40 degrees F. A slightly overcast day is perfect for any stucco repairs as you do not want the stucco to dry too quickly from direct sun exposure. A lot of times the area is covered in plastic to maintain the proper amount of moisture and heat for the stucco to cure properly.
Safety Moorhouse Coating is dedicated to providing its customers and employees a safe working environment. Not only is it the law to maintain a safe and healthy working environment, it is the most responsible thing to do. It’s important to remember that stucco is a type of cement. As such, there are alkalis in wet cement that can cause burns. Therefore, it is essential to be prepared with the appropriate clothing, protective eye wear and equipment to prevent injuries. Having a clean and organized work space will allow for efficiency and safety to be a priority.

Preparation for Stucco Repair A successful job depends on meticulous preparation of the substrate, as well as proper application skills. The first step is to carefully remove all the loose and damaged stucco, being careful not to damage the underlying wood or metal lath. If there is a large area that needs to be repaired, a good pressure washing will remove all loose material and debri. Next, it is important to clean the entire area being repaired. Before applying new stucco, all exposed wood materials will need to be covered with building paper to create an effective moisture barrier. If there are no wood materials, stucco can adhere directly to concrete or other stucco. Finally, all areas, such as windows, vents, bushes, etc… should be covered with plastic and masking tape.

Layers Depending on how large your repair is, an entire section of stucco may need to be replaced. To do so properly will involve two to three layers of stucco. Three layers is the traditional method. This involves a scratch coat, which is an initial layer that is applied and roughened with a scratch tool to help the other coats adhere. The second coat or, the brown coat, will ensure that the stucco is level. Finally, the finish coat is applied. Newer materials have eliminated the need for the brown coat, so sometimes only two coats, the scratch and finish coats, are necessary.

Finish Matching the color of the old stucco can be very difficult. Generally, the color will need to be applied to the entire surface. Whatever coating is used it must be alkaline tolerant and permeable to water vapor. Our contractors have years of experience in matching paint colors and making sure your stucco looks new, not patched.

To fix the repair yourself or hire a professional? Taking on the task of a stucco repair can be difficult. It really depends on the size of the project and how much time and energy you have available. Adding stucco or applying fresh stucco is a project that you can do yourself, but it is very time consuming and improper application can lead to unsightly stucco or cause structural problems. Learning more about the process can help you decide the best way to go about adding stucco to your home. If you decide to hire a professional, Moorhouse Painting has experienced, licensed contractors ready to help. Hiring a professional take all of the guesswork out of a job getting completed correctly. We will show up to the job with all of the necessary tools and materials to get your stucco looking like new again. Moorhouse Painting is here for you. Whether you decide to do the repair yourself or hire our experienced painters we want to help. So, please contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.




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