Residential Home Painting Services

Moorhouse Painting believes in providing our customers with solutions and outstanding service. As such, we understand how to help you achieve your vision with both interior and exterior painting needs. With customer satisfaction in mind, we tailor our services to suit your needs. As a result Moorhouse painting is proud to have built strong and long lasting relationships with homeowners and developers alike. Moorhouse continues to deliver paint projects with some challenging requirements. So, if you have a special request or finish that is out of the ordinary, please contact us. We are always up to a challenge and thrive to find the solutions to complex painting projects.


HOA-Homeowners Association Painting and Coating

Are you a member of a homeowners association or property manager who’s looking for an experienced, dependable painting contractor that can continuously meet the ongoing needs of your community? Look no further! Moorhouse specializes in Homeowners Associations, Residential and Commercial projects and Multi-Family properties. We work with numerous HOA’s and understand the amount of pressure on you as a member or manager to maintain and enhance property values for the community. Let us put our skills and expertise to work for you. Our skilled painters are prepared to handle any project, regardless of whether or not your property is vacant or occupied. We offer high quality services in a timely manner with utmost respect to your tenants. As an active part of the community we are aware of the ever changing industry and what it takes to maintain a multi-family, HOA property. We strive to provide you with a stress-free quality experience that you can count on.


Commercial Painting Services for Park City

Knowledgeable, professional and experienced. Moorhouse Coating provides the Summit region with superior commercial painting services at an affordable rate. We specialize in delivering the quality painting that makes your business look great, while minimizing disruption to your normal operations.


Maintenance for Commercial Exterior Painting

You’ve worked hard for your business and that is something you want your customers to know you are proud of. The appearance of your building and its surroundings say a lot about who you are and the pride you take in your company. You want your building to have a warm and welcoming look but to be safe as well. Maintaining the exterior of your commercial space will not only keep you current with aesthetic appeal but it will protect your building from the elements and save money over the long haul. Predictable maintenance is more effective than having unforeseen damage that could turn into a much larger repair project. Taking a close look at your space with a professional and devising a maintenance plan will save you money. Early detection of any deterioration can prevent entire repaints or permanent damage. Nearly every building has areas that will have more wear and tear than others and there is no need to repaint the entire space all at once. Some Services provided with Maintenance Programs include: - Pressure Washing - Gutter Cleaning - Caulking - Wood Replacement - Interior/Exterior Touch-Ups - Mildew Removal - Garage Door/Parking Structure Trust the Professionals. Moorhouse Coating has worked with many commercial businesses and HOA’s to provide monthly or annual maintenance programs specific to their needs. Our professionals have years of experience and an understanding of what it takes to maintain a building's integrity and appeal. It can be time consuming to keep problem areas under control. With everything that needs to be done in your day-to-day business operations, it makes sense to get a professional painting company on board. We would like to work with you to identify concerns or issues your structure may have and compile a maintenance plan that is specialized to extend the life of your painting investment, care for your building and meet your budget and needs. Moorhouse takes pride in our ability to make your business stand out and look professional.




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