When Is the Best Time to Paint In Park City, Utah?

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June 6th, 2022

When Is the Best Time to Paint In Park City, Utah?

Many of us get the itch to do some home repairs in the spring and summer months. Here in Park City, Utah, we get about three and a half more weeks of sunny days than the rest of the country, on average. The weather is warm and the days are long, so we usually start with refreshing the paint in and on our homes.

So the real question is, when is the best time to paint in Park City? Should you only do exterior painting in the spring? Is wintertime best for indoor painting? Today we will discuss the best times for a painting project in Park City, Utah.

Can I Only Paint Outdoors In Park City When the Weather Is Warm?

You might be surprised to learn that when using modern paints, you can paint outdoors even when the temperature is nearly freezing. These special paint mixtures add polymers and acrylics to latex paint, allowing it to cure even when the temperature is as low as 35 degrees fahrenheit. Normally, the paint would simply dry on the surface and not bond chemically with it when the ambient air is that cold.

These paints generally are brush or roll-on paints only, however. Typically these paints are not applied with a sprayer because these paints should not be thinned. A gallon of regular house paint is usually thinned with a pint of water to allow it to pass more easily through the spray tip, so spraying the paint is a breeze.

You don’t generally want to thin these paints, however, as it dilutes the additives in the paint. Obviously, you shouldn’t add water to paint designed not to freeze, so these paints are often applied with a brush, roller, or edger. Many of these paints will recommend two coats with appropriate drying time in between.

Is It Bad to Paint Indoors In Winter?

In winter, Park City gets about one day in four where the temperature never climbs above freezing, while Salt Lake City gets about three weeks worth of these days every year. You'll want to avoid painting outside when it is below freezing, but what about indoor painting?




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