Picking Colors and Painting a house

Jason Moorhouse

Jason Moorhouse, President - Jason Moorhouse

July 6th, 2020


Choosing colors for painting a house follows the same rules in a residential painting project whether it is a house painting interior or siding painting like stucco paint . But how do you choose the right colors? Let me recommend using pre-coordinated paint charts to help guide your choice. (Insert picture here of color chart) There are palettes to fit every style like Ralph Lauren, Martha Stewart, and many specialty lines offered by paint companies to fit your personality. Colors and trends do change, though, so get the latest and hottest exterior paint colors for this year. Painting cost and painting prices may be affected by the color you choose, so when you meet with a paint contractor for a painting estimate, you should make your preferences known and find out what difference it will make in the paint estimate. Painting cost is also affected by the product but using the best exterior paint outside may save you money in the long run because it will last longer. Sometimes a commercial paint will make a paint contractor happier because it simply applies easier. Ask what the pro recommends when it comes to your area and how to paint exterior areas. A few tips could save you a lot of time if you decide you are painting the house yourself. Before painting the house, a paint contractor may be able to show you a color on your house before it is applied using new software on a computer. (Need picture here of what you can do with your software) What a great way to show you the best exterior paint colors. Contact us today for a demonstration and a no obligation paint estimate. Paint prices have never been more affordable. House painting cost is really a great investment in protecting your greatest asset.




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