How Your Home's Exterior Increases Its Value

Jordan Paul , null

May 9th, 2022

How Your Home's Exterior Increases Its Value

Curb appeal is probably the most important aspect in selling a home, at least from a real estate agent’s point of view. Appraisers use the location, condition, and features to determine a home’s market value, so you’ll want to maximize it when you can. First impressions are everything in real estate, because it doesn’t matter how pretty your foyer is if the buyers simply keep driving . Today, we will discuss a few ways a good looking exterior adds value to your home, and why it matters.

A Great Exterior Equals Interest

As already mentioned, if your curb appeal is not enticing enough to make the buyer stop, the beautiful interior you just spent thousands of dollars on won’t be seen. How many times have we looked at a home or feature and found we couldn’t stop looking and had to stop for a photo? In today’s real estate market, visually attractive properties usually sell the fastest.

A great looking exterior becomes the eye catcher of the neighborhood, particularly in subdivisions a little older. A good looking exterior stands out from the crowd because most other homes are beginning to show wear and tear. If you are selling, keeping the exterior in top shape can make the difference in a sale and relisting.

People Want a Pretty Home They Can Show Off

Home value is really just a function of how much someone will pay for a home on any given day. When buyers are shopping, they are probably making the biggest financial investment they will ever make. As such, they tend to look for homes they can show off and be proud of on social media.

Many real estate agents suggest walking around a home objectively and noting anything that would concern you if you were purchasing the home. You aren’t required to make any repairs, but it might be useful to know in advance what defects you may need to defend. You can rest assured if you find any, the buyer will too, so the pros suggest making updates or repairs you find in advance of a showing. Psychologically, when buyers discover an unaddressed defect, they tend to scrutinize the entire property.

Repainting Is Valuable to Buyers

Many studies have indicated that repainting a home adds value, especially in the view of prospective buyers. In today’s modern construction, fiber cement siding is enormously popular, but it does require maintenance in the form of painting. Most shoppers view fiber cement painting the same way they view a roof because both can be expensive and have a predetermined lifespan.

Studies have shown that in a subdivision of track homes, where the homes use essentially the same floor plan, the ones that have been freshly painted sell faster and for more money. Home buyers understand the costs of repainting, so when the work has already been completed, they can make a higher offer.

However, never use bold colors or very unique color combinations because it can also have the opposite effect. Although you may view an elaborate color scheme as the coolest thing ever, your buyer might hate that shade of blue. Always use neutral, inviting exterior colors that not only compliment the home, but the entire block.




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