How to pick a house painting contractor?

Jason Moorhouse

Jason Moorhouse, President - Jason Moorhouse

November 26th, 2020


You have done painting in the past, but this year the energy for painting your house just isn’t there.  How do you choose between paint companies?  Can you afford it?  Choosing a painting contractor can be more enjoyable if you keep the following things in mind.  Choosing the Right Painter? How can I find a good painter that will do a good job and respect my property and my privacy?  If I look in the phone book, Do I choose the largest, full color Yellow page ad or the smaller one with little information?  Is there a typical painting company?  Is there any way to ball-park a painting estimate over the phone?  The easiest way to find a good painting contractor is by using your telephone.  A quality contractor will answer his own phone or call you right back.  He will ask you enough information to appraise the size and scope of your job tell you what he thinks it should take.  Some painters specialize in only residential painting or commercial painting work but can recommend someone they know who provides more paint services like stucco painting or siding painting. In just a few minutes over the phone, you should be able to feel comfortable.  A good company will let you know approximate costs of painting a house over the phone.  Of course, no two painting projects are identical and a job will take a personal inspection to furnish you a written estimate that clearly spells out for you the scope of the work and the price. Time is money/Schedule the job right Hate to paint but still want to lower the painting cost?  The answer is remembering that for a painter, time is money.  The best way to save you money is to save your painter time.  Can you move the furniture, take the pictures and wall plates off the walls?  Is there any preparation that you can do to save time for the pro?  Can you put your pictures and furniture back when the job is done?  All these time savers will earn you a discount on the total price of the work. Also being willing to delay a painting project to a time when a paint contractor is slower could easily earn you a 15 to 20% discount.  There is something about spring that makes us paint inside as well as outside.  But if you are willing to delay your painting project until the fall or winter, most contractors would gladly discount their price just to keep working through the slow times.  If you don’t’ have to paint during the busy times, then schedule your work to save additional dollars.




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