How Do I Tell an Average House Painter From a Great One In Park City, Utah?

Jordan Paul , null

June 8th, 2022

How Do I Tell an Average House Painter From a Great One In Park City, Utah?

Most people have the ability to paint to some degree of success. House painting can be accomplished by an amatuer with patience, research, and lots of practice. Many of us have just accepted that when we hire a house painter, we should set our expectations accordingly.

In Park City, we have both average house painters and great ones to choose from, but how do we tell the difference? We shouldn’t stereotype house painters into one group, because some are average at best, while others can paint your house, fix your drywall, and pressure wash your driveway.

Today, we will offer some professional insight into what to look for when you hire a house painter in Park City, Utah.

__Professionalism __

One of the first indicators you are dealing with an average house painter is how they present themselves and their work. There are exceptions of course, but generally you will know a great house painter in the first meeting. Great house painters are respectful, courteous, and professional, even if they are covered in paint.

Average house painters don’t understand the value of customer service, so they tend to be disrespectful, rude, and demanding. Average house painters are usually more interested in getting paid than they are in doing a great job. Average house painters will often find convenient reasons why they can’t work, often after just receiving a draw from the customer.

Being Prompt

When great house painters make an appointment with you, they show up on time. Of course, life still happens, but a great house painter will let you know if they cannot make an appointment. A great house painter’s end goal is usually to develop a loyal customer base. You can’t do that if you are disrespectful of a client’s time.

An average house painter might make a half dozen appointments for a day, but once he gets hired, he may not bother with the rest. Average house painters think in the short term, so gaining customer loyalty is not usually very important to them. They usually don’t expect to get invited back anyway, so there’s no downside from their viewpoint.


Great house painters become great because they get lots of practice from the customers that hire them. These professionals spend many years becoming great at their art, and continue to train in various techniques and paint formulations. Great house painters want to be the smartest painter in the room, so they spend the time learning their craft.

Average house painters want to start making money as soon as someone will paint something. Most are not overly concerned about using the correct paint for the job, or having the appropriate tools. For average house painters, close is good enough. Professional tools are expensive, so average house painters usually use whatever they can get cheap.


Not in every case of course, but generally speaking when you hire a great house painter, they look the part. Great house painters are very fast, but they are also very efficient. Great house painters use whatever tool they need to do a great job, not whatever is handy. You won’t often find a defect in the work of a great house painter, because they found it first and fixed it.

Average house painters will wait for you to complain about something they did, and then argue with you. In most cases, they will also cut corners wherever they can (remember, they think it the short term) in an effort to save a few pennies. As a result, you are inclined to look at every detail, because you can’t trust that the work was done as it should be.




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