The Challenges of Hiring a Painter

Jordan Paul , null

May 2nd, 2022

The Challenges of Hiring a Painter

So you’ve realized you won’t have the time to do the painting project you had planned, but you don’t know any painters to hire. How do you find a good one and not get taken advantage of? Today, we will discuss the challenges and pitfalls of hiring a painter and how to know you’ve found a good one.

References First, always ask for references. This is extremely important, because some people think owning a paint brush is the same as being a painter. Not to imply that handypersons will not do a great job, but ask for evidence anyway. If the painter cannot show you documented past projects, it is a poor sign.

Insurance Any legitimate professional painter will have worker’s compensation insurance. Some will also have liability insurance, in case they accidentally damage your home. It is extremely unlikely (although not impossible) to find a local handyperson with insurance coverage, so hiring a professional paint company is usually your best bet. It is strongly discouraged to hire someone without this coverage, as many homeowner’s policies will not cover you against liability if you hire someone.

Appearance Does the painter look professional? Generally speaking, professionals will look the part. Most wear painter’s coveralls, drive a clean van, and present themselves professionally. Beware of someone offering to paint your home that has few or no tools, does not appear professional, and cannot provide insurance documentation. There are those who are simply looking for someone to sue when they accidentally get injured.

Photos of Past Projects Does the painter have a portfolio? If not, they are either not a professional or they are brand new to the business. Everyone has to start somewhere, but a little suspicion goes a long way. If the painter appears to move slowly, is constantly stopping and starting, and cannot answer any paint question you have, walk away and hire a real pro.

Hire a Professional At this point, you probably will recognize a professional when you see one. Professionals will have a written contract specifying exactly what they will do. They will likely have ladders on their van and act very professionally. Most will offer to perform a walk-around with you to answer any questions you have about the price, the paint, and the schedule. Follow these simple suggestions and you will increase your chances of finding a great painting company you can stick with.




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