4 Reasons Summer Is the Perfect Time to Paint

Jordan Paul , null

April 28th, 2022

4 Reasons Summer Is the Perfect Time to Paint

For some reason, most of us like doing things in the summertime. Maybe it’s the feeling of renewal or just the nice weather, but many of us feel the urge to renew our homes in the summer and summer. There are a few reasons why summer is considered by many the best time to paint your home. Today we will discuss five reasons why summer is a great time to paint both the inside and outside of your home.

Throw a Party There’s never a better time to paint than just before an important gathering like a new family member or a gift exchange. We’re proud of our homes, and we want our guests to enjoy their visit. Since summertime is party time, painting in the summer takes advantage of the long days, gets the job done quickly, and gives the home a facelift just when it counts.

The Weather Is Nice The weather is usually better in the summer, so painting (especially exterior painting) projects can usually be completed without dealing with bad weather. In Utah, humidity levels can be high in the summer, so it’s a good idea to watch the forecast and only paint when the air will be drier. It’s also a good time to schedule a paint company before the summer rush.

Selling Your Home Financially speaking, selling your home in the summer will take advantage of the selling season when the largest number of buyers will be shopping. However, you will also be competing with more sellers, so you’ll want an advantage. For this reason, repainting both inside and out will add curb appeal and draw the buyer’s attention. They will imagine living in the home at its most pleasant, placing it in its best light.

Fresh Paint Likes Sunshine In summer, the days are longer so we have more time to do exterior painting. Of course, more sunshine also helps in drying because the paint dries faster. Summer weather can also mean unpredictable weather however, so most pros complete projects very quickly. Fresh paint is no match for a thunderstorm, so painting in summer means using whatever the weather provides.

Painters Are Available Now….If You Act Fast Summer is a fantastic time to book your appointment, but others will have the same great idea. We strongly suggest requesting your appointment as soon as possible to assure your spot. You’ll need to hurry because spring and summer are prime time for paint companies and their schedules can fill up quickly. Contact Moorhouse Coatings today for a free, no obligation assessment of your home. Just click here and Moorhouse Coatings will take care of the rest.




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