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Resorts, Hotels & Ski Lodges in the Park City Area

The Park City area is a hotspot for winter sports enthusiasts (and, yes, extreme sports fanatics), vacationers, tourists and even film industry professionals for the annual Sundance Film Festival. And for good reason: the landscape is breathtaking and the buildings and homes are visually striking. 

Moorhouse Coating understands the unique needs of Park City's Hospitality industry, which requires fast turnaround times and minimal disruption to guests and business. Our experts can help area resorts, hotels and ski lodges look their best year-round, whether their surfaces require refinishing, recoating or rebuilding.


The interiors of hotels, resorts and ski lodges are well-trodden areas, where vacationers, tourists and winter sports enthusiasts come for a little R&R (or adrenaline). Moorhouse Coatings' expert painters can give your new construction project or older facility a wondrous look, whether you need painting, wallpaper application/repair, staining or the restoration and polishing of concrete. We can work with you to visually transform any interior, from hotel rooms and lobbies to pool and ski facilities.


Park City's summers are mild and comfortable, but the winters— while especially fun—can put quite a beating on structures. Our craftsman can help repaint, refinish and rebuild any exterior surface suffering damage from the winter freeze/thaw cycle. Other exterior services include: ski facilities and structures, metal railings, ramps, walkways, light bridges, lampposts, lighting structures, signs, and more. 

Concrete Surfaces

With many ski lodges, resorts and hotels come a variety of sidewalks and concrete surfaces in and surrounding pools, jacuzzis, walkways, etc. Moorhouse Coating can repair, finish and seal concrete areas to protect against any freeze/thaw damage that might occur, as well as add anti-microbial, non-slip concrete treatments to kitchens, mechanical rooms, basements, etc. Moorhouse's experts can also stain, finish and seal parking areas/structures, as well as apply  parking lot striping to asphalt, and more.