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Altitude is, once again, not the factor that affects home care. The other factors, which accompany high altitude are cold, intense sunlight, wind, low humidity, and radical temperature shifts.  This can happen, not only on your home, but on your deck or fencing.
Taking these factors into consideration, here are just some of the issues and warning signs you’ll want to look for. Today may be a good day to walk around the outside of your home, do a little inspection, and see if you have any of the following things happening:
Fading, Water Stains or Deterioration - Intense Sunlight causes paints or stains to fade and deteriorate more rapidly. Choosing paints that are more durable for the exterior of your home can help greatly to reduce exterior damage. Wind can really do damage, both in the short term during a hard storm, and over the long term as it just gradually wears on the finish.
Dry Rot - Low humidity can cause the wood to dry out more if left exposed. Damp rot is not a problem, but dry rot is. So areas with little to no paint or stain, through wear, can cause more problems than you can imagine.
Cracks, Loose Caulk or Chink- High altitude temperatures tend to fluctuate a greater amount during the day - 40 to 60 degrees is not that unusual. This means that logs, wood siding, vinyl siding and brick will expand and contract a great deal just during a single day. Summers also can be pretty hot, and winters extremely cold, so expansion and contraction seasonally is also greater than usual. This extreme fluctuation places extra wear on some materials, and results in rapid damage if cracks occur. If water seeps into existing cracks, they will also expand during freezing, and widen cracks even more. You can start out with a tiny leak, and end up with a waterfall within just a short time.
Mostly, you just have to be aware that in a harsh climate, damage can worsen rather quickly. So make repairs like a good thorough prep and caulking before painting or staining. If you ignore these signs, they can cause further damage which is avoidable. Stop the higher cost of repair and even replacement.
If you are seeing these signs… NOW is the time to email or call us before it’s too late!
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