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It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and fall is right around the corner, which means winter is not far behind it.  Now is the time to take care of any of those exterior house projects you have been putting off while enjoying the summer months with family and friends. It’s not too late to have the exterior of your home “buttoned up” and ready for the long, but beautiful, Park City winter, and the professionals at Moorhouse Coating can help! 

Our team of skilled painters can take care of your exterior home caulking, chinking, staining or painting now before the leaves fall and the snow flies. Fall is beautiful time of the year here, why not have a professional do the work for you so you can enjoy these months the way you enjoyed the summer. This way you can rest easy knowing that your home is ready and worry-free for winter.

It’s not too late! Call us TODAY to discuss your project or schedule an estimate!

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