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Using color to redefine your property is easier than you might think.

Painting or repainting a multi-family property is more than a once-every-so-often maintenance operation. It’s a strategic opportunity to redefine your property using color.

The right color palette can improve curb appeal, jump-start marketing, attract more profitable residents, improve retention, and even boost your property’s overall value and ROI. Color can help a challenging property blend into a historic district, help a “wallflower” property stand out on a busy streetscape, conceal unsightliness, and highlight your facility’s best feature.

The challenge: How do you select the right palette from a seemingly infinite array of color choices and combinations? It’s easier than you think when you break it down into simple steps:

Step 1: Define your “color goals”.

What color goals do you have for your property? Evolve with current trends? Better match regional color preferences? Attract new demographics? Better match a new roof? Consider these factors upfront:

  • Building type. Showcasing a sleek, modern high-rise calls for a more urban palette than a traditional low-rise.
  • Environment. Not only are regional color preferences always a consideration, so too is the local streetscape. Do you need your property to blend in — or stand out?
  • Architecture. Your property’s fixed accents are good elements to start with. Use roof color and trim as base colors to build a palette around.
  • Demographics. What kind of resident do you want your property to appeal to? Urban, contemporary palettes are more likely to appeal to younger residents, while classic color combinations are more likely to appeal to mature residents.

Step 2: Explore color.

Having considered a few color goals upfront, you’ll be better prepared to evaluate color with purpose.

This next step — color consideration —will be easy for you using one of the five color palettes designed specifically for multi-family properties. The Multi-Family Color Collections were created using the latest market research and our own industry-leading color expertise. Best of all, the five palettes all coordinate with one another, making customization easy.

Don’t worry, you don’t have to firmly settle on color yet — but you should be gaining color confidence. Pick out a few colors, or even a couple of palettes, to explore more fully for your property.

Step 3: Use The Sherwin-Williams digital color tools.

Now you’re ready to try out some specific color combinations on your property. By simply uploading an exterior photo to the Sherwin-Williams Color Visualizer, you can drag and drop to virtually paint your property and see how these different colors and palettes look. Try out a few color combinations and refine your choices.

Step 4: Contact us for Color Expertise.

Made a firm color decision? Still confused? Either way, it’s time to call Moorhouse Coating for a professional application. We’ll be glad to help you ensure your property’s color vision and overall look is perfectly realized. Call Moorhouse Coating TODAY!

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