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Hardboard siding features a smooth and sometimes slightly textured surface that makes it ideal for painting.

Pressed wood siding, also known as composite or hardboard, serves as an economical alternative to traditional wood shingles or shakes. To combat the effects of sun and moisture and keep hardboard looking its best, the Composite Panel Association recommends refinishing wood siding every few years. With the right preparation and proper techniques, you can refinish dull or faded pressed wood siding to give your home a fresh new look.

Prepare Siding for Painting

1.      Be sure surface is properly cleaned and free of dirt or debris. Completely remove and clean away mold, mildew, dirt or stains from your siding. Allow the siding to dry before proceeding.

2.      Scrape or Peel away loose or chipped paint from your pressed wood siding using a paint scraper. Work carefully to avoid cutting into the wood itself, as this creates scratches and can make the siding more vulnerable to moisture.

3.      Sand any bare spots on the wood siding, including spots that were never painted or areas where paint has been removed or chipped away. Feather the edges of these areas where they meet the surrounding paint.

Prime and Paint

1.      Prime bare or unpainted areas of the wood siding. There is no need to prime over areas that are already painted. Allow the primer to dry completely before proceeding.
2.      Apply a thin coat of exterior latex house paint to the siding. The University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension recommends latex paint when painting wood siding, as it is more porous then oil-based paint, so moisture is able to escape.
3.      Allow the first coat of paint to dry completely before proceeding with a second coat, if required.

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