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Gennex® colorants, an exclusive Benjamin Moore technology, fortify the paint and make the cured film more durable – regardless of color choice.

Gennex® colorants do not weaken a paint’s ability to hide, so you can cover stains and imperfections in fewer coats, use less paint overall, and finish the job more quickly.

With Gennex® colorants, you can be confident that the cured film in Benjamin Moore’s exterior paints will stand up to the harshest weather conditions – including constant UV exposure – in all colors.

Benjamin Moore’s interior paints provide superior hide ability, especially over fire and smoke damage, crayon or washable marker and even permanent marker. So years from now, you can still feel good about investing in your home’s interior and exterior appearance, with long lasting and exceptional results.

Call or email us TODAY for a free estimate and help with finding the perfect Benjamin Moore interior or exterior product to use… and our expertise assistance with color selection! You can also visit the NEW Benjamin Moore/Park City Paint Store located at 1776 Park Avenue!

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