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Are you planning a commercial painting project but don’t know where to start? If so, you have two different options available. Do it yourself, which can be time consuming and out of your comfort zone, or you can hire the commercial painting professionals at Moorhouse Coating. We are professionals who have the experience and knowledge to ensure your painting job is always finished quickly, efficiently and professionally saving you valuable time and undo stress.

How We Plan Your Commercial Painting Project

First, we figure the square footage of the area(s) you are looking to paint. This helps us know how much paint to purchase and how much the project will end up costing you.

Assistance with Choosing the Right Paint

There are different kinds of paint available. It is necessary to know what sort of paint is going to work best for the particular area, whether interior or exterior. If you are planning on painting the exterior of the building, we select a paint based on the kind of material we are painting over, such as brick, vinyl, stucco or stone. For interior based paint jobs, we consider both the wall surface and what the room is used for. Each type of paint has a safety level that is important, especially if you are painting a medical facility or even a laboratory.

On to the Task of Painting

When painting, our crews wear the appropriate protective gear, which can include goggles and gloves. This is important if using paints with harsh chemicals. We do not want our clients or our crew to breathe in these harmful vapors. We also take pride in prepping the area by moving furniture and other items, including covering shrubs, bushes and other items we are not able to move by covering them with plastic sheets. All to ensure we complete your commercial painting project in a professional manner.

Call or email us TODAY to schedule your painting project, leaving the mess and worry to us!

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