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Clear Coating Weathered Wood (lock down the wood fiber and prevent staining)

Last Year we were posed with a unique question.  “How can we finish reclaimed lumber to prevent wood splinters from rubbing off on our clothing and staining in the future?”  Many of our clients are using barn wood or reclaimed wood products to achieve the contemporary mountain modern movement.  But let’s face it, not many of us want to touch and feel and smell old wood!  But we want the look and feel of old wood. 

Reclaimed wood is all over Houzz and other online photo galleries and many show reclaimed products located in Kitchens and Bedrooms. Remember most of this wood comes from old industrial structures, fences, barns and other places animals, chemicals and byproducts are produced.  Do you really want to live next to this without cleaning and sealing all of this stuff out? 

So, I set out to find a paint product that would allow us to coat over the existing wood without changing the color or have a sheen (Gloss) when we finished.  I was looking for a flat finish or Zero Sheen Finish that would be clear and would hold the wood fibers in place.  After a lot of searching, I found that there wasn’t a product in the market that would accommodate this specification.  Yes there were plenty of shiny finishes that could work, but nothing that would leave the finish looking as it currently looked. 

So I started formulating a product that could be used to hold the wood fiber in place and not have a side sheen finish.  After many months of experimentation and testing I came up with a finish that has a zero finish on wood!

So if you need a zero finish to lock up those wood fibers and maintain the original look without compromising the finish we have a solution!   

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