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Weathered Wood

Barn wood has a very hot look these days.  Any mountain contemporary community has reclaimed siding or aged siding to blend into its surroundings. The look of new wood has something of a detraction in a serene environment.  Maybe it’s the in conservationist coming out, but most everyone wants the look of reclaimed lumber on the inside and outside of their home.

Reclaimed lumber is all the rage in new home construction.  But why install old wood on every surface of the home if it will inevitably require other maintenance in the future? 

We’ve been asked to make a lot of new wood look very old.  It’s actually a very common problem when modifying an existing structure or updating an aged building that has years of sun exposure or raw wood left in the elements. 

After more than a decade of experimenting with what causes wood failure and color change, we developed a quick aging technique to simulate 7 to 10 years of color change within a few hours. After years of trying vinegar and crazy concocted potions developed online or thru the rumor mill at the lumber yard, we came up with a consistent proven formula for color change and then added some great practical ingredients to preserve the wood for a greater length of time than simply changing the color.

Take a look at one of the samples we recently turned out and the fantastic results.

If you need some assistance achieving this look, let us know.  We can provide you with the weathering treatment for DIY application.  If its a large area we will be happy to install it if it’s beyond your ability, or you don't have the time.

Weathered wood treatments have been around, but typically leave a green residue or color change that doesn’t really look all that natural. The natural look of weathered wood includes many colors which generally can't be achieved if a uniform stain is applied.  That's what makes wood so beautiful.

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