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It's no secret now that Utah is fast becoming a hub for tech startups. As NPR pointed out last year, computer system design jobs shot up 12 percent in 2011, causing Utah's startup boosters to call it "Silicon Slopes."

Something that these new Utah companies should think about, once they've locked down a business headquarters, is a appearance. If they're like a lot of startups that have launched in the the last few years, workplace atmosphere—healthy, fun, and vibrant—will be a big must. And rightly so. As painters, Moorhouse Coating understands the desire to make a workplace as attractive, comfortable and dynamic as possible. 

Startups, which thrive on individuality, will have their own aesthetic desires. They don't want a typical uniform, commercial look. A painting contractor should be able to brainstorm all sorts of interior and exterior paint ideas, from colors, contrasting schemes, and wallpaper to murals and logo work.

If you have any questions on painting the interior or exterior of your startup company, feel free to contact Moorhouse Coating. We'd be happy to bat around some ideas with you.  


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