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If you're looking for a safe, affordable and long-lasting fireproofing agent for your commercial or industrial business, an Intumescent Coating might be the way to go. Used both indoors and outdoors, this type of coating can bring building materials up to fire code. What is more, it's environmentally friendly, which is always good. 

Intumescent paints are designed to expand in the presence of heat. If a fire were to spread, the Intumescent coating would expand to about an inch of fire-retardant foam. If used, there is greater possibility that the substrate material can be salvaged and re-used, lowering repair costs. (Good news for commercial businesses and insurance companies, to be sure.)

This type of coating can be applied to walls, ceilings, doors, columns and structural steel, amongst other surfaces. It can be used in hotels, resorts, commercial retail spaces, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc. For Park City, it would be ideal for ski resorts and their various facilities.

LIke traditional paint, Intumescent coatings can be applied by brush, roller and spray. Different brands will have different recommendations, so it's important that a well-trained and experienced painting contractor—one who has applied Intumescent coatings before—know what the manufacturer recommends. It's also absolutely vital that all areas of the surface be coated in Intumescent paint. Why? If a single un-coated area is exposed to fire, it could compromise the entire coating, causing paint failure. 

If you have any other questions regarding Intumescent fireproofing coatings, please contact Moorhouse Coating. 


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