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Here are a list of suggested consideration for repairing wood rot in Summit County:

  • Large Holes, use wood blocking for the major filler, then use epoxy for the voids.  This is less expensive than trying to fill the entire void with epoxy and backer rod or or foam can also be used.
  • Mix only the amount of epoxy needed for the patch.  Make certain the right proportions are used.
  • Be aware that setting times and curing times are different.  Don't over coat a product until the cure is complete.  
  • A small screw driver is a good tool to evaluate the wood substrate for integrity.  
  • There are different environmental epoxy applications.  Some are designed for cold weather applications, others are designed for low humidity high temperature applications. Make certain the weather and humidity won't impact your curing constraints.
  • Microbeads can be used to make the epoxy less fluid and may make it more of a paste consistency.  
  • knives and blades can be dipped in water to prevent epoxy from sticking to the tooling.
  • Plexiglass can be used to make forms and then removed without epoxy sticking.

The Mountain environment of Park City and Wasatch Mountain Range can cause some dry rot and also high moisture damage.  If you have a particular problem that you can't seem to find a solution, give us a call and we should be able to make some suggestions.

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