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Park City may be famous these days for the Sundance Film Festival, but it's natural, mountainous landscape has always attracted winter sports enthusiasts. Here are some things to keep in mind for both new and old ski resorts. 

Attractive, Inviting Exteriors

An exterior sets the tone for a ski lodge or resort. Whether it's a log cabin or alpine exterior look, you want to have an exterior that draws people toward it in an inviting way. People staying elsewhere on one trip might want to check your lodge out on the next one, and returning customers will know why they prefer your lodge over another.

To that end, there are a number of things you can do to make the lodge exterior look great.

For wood, log cabin-esque lodges and resorts, think of staining the wood. If your current stain is fading, consider altering the stain's depth to bring a more vibrant look to the finish. No matter if you are painting or staining an exterior, remember that the winter freeze/thaw cycle can cause some damage to the exterior. Be ready to make repairs and re-paint/re-stain come spring. 

Other exterior surfaces to consider: ski facilities and structures, metal railings, ramps, walkways, light bridges, lampposts, lighting structures, signs, and more. 

Interior Ambiance

While the exterior should draw guests in, the interior will make them stay. Maintain that mindset when settling on a look for your new resort or a makeover for your existing hotel. Paint, stain and wallpaper can all transform your ski resort interior. Use a paint professional as a resource off of which to bounce interior design ideas. 

Since ski lodges and resorts are well-trodden areas, it will also be necessary to touch-up hallways, common areas and guest rooms from time to time; which is why Moorhouse Coating offers various maintenance plans suited to your particular needs and budget.

If you have any other questions about painting ski lodges or resorts, contact Moorhouse Coating at 435.655.9706 or email us at

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