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Better Building Maintenance is renewing and refreshing the entire exterior of your buildings at least twice a year to guarantee that your property looks perfect all the time.  Paint is a layer of protective adhesive that is sacrificed to protect the substrate.  If paint is protected before the adhesion is lost, you never have an adhesion problem and your coating always looks like new.

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Better Building Maintenance  is a complete maintenance concept that insures a more timely addressing of repainting and recoating of all of your buildings’ exterior coatings at a reduced price.  Rather than wait until an exterior needs to be recoated, we apply a maintenance coat before the previous one fails and only on those surfaces which need it.  This insures that needed areas are addressed and areas out of sun and the elements do not receive needless recoating.   By eliminating the larger cost of extensive preparation, by painting before the substrate needs repair, both the substrate, the underlying materials and the paint itself are protected and your buildings look fresh and new.  Both time and money are saved.  Knowledgeable property managers know that by the time a building shows that it needs recoating, it is too late. 

Getting ahead of the curve in keeping a building looking fresh is every painting contractor’s dream.  A building that has doesn’t need extensive repair before recoating is much easier to tackle.

Minimal preparation

Everyone knows 2 coats are better than one.  Catching the oxidization before it eliminates the original coating prevents additional preparation.  Traditionally 70% of painting is preparation and 30% is applying the product.  By catching the maintenance cycle ahead of time, we are simply allowing the reduction of preparation necessary.   It is easy to see what a huge labor saving painting becomes when your preparation is minimalized because the substrate is in good condition to begin with.

Material Savings

When the exterior coating is in good condition, the only preparation is cleaning and then applying the new product with no sanding and substrate repair.  Over applying paint in areas where it is not needed is the number one reason for paint failure when moisture is present.  A building which may take 40 gallons to repaint may only require 6 or 7 gallons in areas which require it and the entire project still shines like new.

In addition, material isn’t warehoused and therefore lost because of oversight and is more easily tracked and efficiently utilized.  Less material is ultimately used to maintain the highest standards and so both labor and material costs are lower than a complete repaint.

Materials typically fluctuate in price during the calendar year and some products are unavailable because of demand.  Advance planning means products can be purchased to save money. 

Less intrusive

Because there is a greater flexibility to the work schedule, rental and occupancy issues are more easily addressed.  A whole building or area does not have to be closed at once and work can be performed by the same knowledgeable crew in a more surgical manner.

Color matching easier

When material is purchased every year, the color stays accurate.  When four or five years passes between repaints, color adjustment is actually more difficult.

The exterior looks outstanding all of the time because you are only coating the areas that show wear.  You are not recoating areas that don’t need additional protection.

An area that is in the sun and in high altitude needs to be recoated every 2 to 3 years to look good.  Other areas may not need to be recoated for 5 years.

Color planning can be implemented immediately rather than waiting until a complete repaint is needed. 

The labor rate is more easily predictable and planned. 

High reach equipment can also be scheduled at a cost saving which can be passed on to the property owner.

You can insure that the same people perform the work on the same project which means a more efficient work force and conscientious about property particulars, ie water, plants, parking, special needs, etc.  The crew who is performing the work always has prior experience on the property insuring a better end result.

Financial Savings

A Better Building Maintenance contract can extend your reserve account so that an entire repaint is pushed into the future.  You are able to delay extensive work until it becomes necessary to paint.  If a property has to be coated every 5 years and it could be extended to 6 or even 7 years, that would be an 18% immediate savings.

Painting is usually lumped in as a capital expense.  In reality, painting is a maintenance issue so addressing it at a regular interval insures that it is categorized as a maintenance issue.

You can maintain the same product year after year.  The same product life cycle insures a more lasting result than switching to a different brand.

How is this helping to sustain our reserves?

By delaying the project another year, what you are spending today is really buying you another year.  So the savings can be as much as the reserve cost.  If you plan on painting every five years for $50K, that means you are spending $10K per year on average.  If you spend $7K this year and delay spending a complete repaint cost, you are really saving $3k.  So by spending a portion of your reserve account today, you can actually grow your future reserve account.

How can you guarantee that adequate maintenance painting is performed each year so that at the end of 3 or 4 years, we are not stuck with a complete repaint?

This fear is a reality for many property managers.  And if you leave this up to a maintenance individual who is not experienced in coatings and maintenance painting, it will happen.  We are not recommending simply touching up buildings every six months but instead addressing complete areas of coating failure before they occur and become noticeable on a planned and scheduled basis.   There are professional processes that allow us to match color, maintain material quality and assist in spot touch-up if proper records are kept and documented. 

The superiority is generally noticeable in the first 6 months so the results are seen almost immediately. 

How can I know my areas of concern are going to be addressed?

Surfaces fade slowly and someone needs to be actively monitoring.  To insure this is done, we will assemble a complete scope of work document and then furnish a semi-annual  review that each property manager can fill out including areas that may need immediate attention.  Our goal is to insure that a property never needs to be completely refurnished because someone failed to note areas of concern.

We will walk your property, survey areas of concern and then draw up an order of priorities that will become a game for us to follow.  An online schedule will be available for any property manager to access.  This can also be available to HOA members and board members.  As work is performed, this becomes a working history of what has transpired.

What is the cost of a Better Building Maintenance Contract?

Paint is a maintenance item and doesn’t really belong in a reserve study.  Yet every 4 or 5 years, there is the cost of a complete repaint/recoating.  A Better Building Maintenance contract allows the property owners to commit to only a monthly amount of what is an annualized cost of recoating.  If a property is in great shape in the beginning of the contract, this insures

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