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As a painter, you often find yourself climbing ladders or hopping into lifts. It's part of the territory. Like carpenters, we also spend an inordinate amount time walking on scaffolding. We're one part craftsman and one part aerial artists. I think we know how Michelangelo must have felt painting the Sistine Chapel. Except our work doesn't take six years to complete.

Working in Arizona, Nevada, Utah and California, Moorhouse Painting does more than its fair share of aerial projects and hard-to-reach areas for residential, commercial and industrial customers. Sometimes it seems like we're actually living up in the rafters or on top of tall strucdtures. And with that experience comes the capability to offer a number of services.

For our commercial and industrial customers, we can offer skilled abrasive blasting to clean and prep ceilings and high walls for painting. For facilities made of concrete, we can protect the blocks with cleaning and paint. Moorhouse also does quite a bit of Shake Roofing, restoring and treating wood shingles and shakes. They're beautiful and date back to the colonization of North America, but can start to cup, curl split and dry out in high elevations such as Park City or the Wasatch Mountains.

Aerial and hard-to-reach paint jobs come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our painters have worked on silos, cranes, grain elevators, large storage tanks, industrial holding facilities, gravel conveyors, high rising and building details that can only be reached from a bosun chair. We've also painted barn cupolas, church crosses, high rise signs, bridge details, antennas, satellite dishes, radar support stations and airport beacons. We use equipment to variously paint, caulk, seal, densify concrete, paint wood, power wash—the list goes on.

Basically, whether you are a residential, commercial or industrial building owner, and you're unsure of how to access a structure or piece of equipment, contact us.

Most painting contractors don't even know where to begin when looking at an aerial project. Experience is what gives us a decided advantage. Moorhouse Painting has performed 7783 projects. That's about three times as many projects as the average painting company performs in a 35-year career. There's pretty much nothing we haven't seen.

If you have any questions about your next aerial or hard-to-reach project, give us a call or email us.

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