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Take some plain colored walls and give them some personality with stripes.

It is possible to change the color slightly or simply change the sheen of the same color for an enhanced look. 


  1.  Clean Walls and tape off the trim, baseboards and ceiling.  If the wall needs to be painted this may need to be accomplished one day prior to this step.
  2. Determine the desired type of stripe.  Horizontal stripes make the room feel wider; vertical stripes make the room feel taller.  The width of the stripes is important, keep then 4 to 12 inches apart or more.
  3. Use a pencil to mark the wall.  Keep the pencil marks in the area where you will be painting again.  Don’t use a pen or marker; ink will likely bleed through a fresh coat of paint.  A straight line or level will help you start the layout.  We use laser levels mounted to tripods and swing the laser across the wall.  The laser can be traced with a pencil.
  4. Paint the stripes.


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