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After many years of service, Log Homes just simply won’t except stain on the exterior.  The wood becomes brittle and dry and it is just nearly impossible to get a stain and clear coat to stick.  While at this point it would be feasible to paint the log cabin, who would commit such a travesty?  So, after 25 to 35 years it’s time to remove the outside layer of the log back to fresh wood. 

We clean log homes with many types ofabrasives, and sand blasting no longer uses sand to blast but the names stuck.   Depending on the style texture and finish of the logs the appropriate media (Blasting Material) is selected.

Media Blasting opens the wood grain and allows the fresh wood to receive a larger amount of stain than a sanded finish.  So, we recommend blasting if you want the additional lifespan of the stain.  Typically we use about 60% more stain when we apply after media blasting.  This may not seem like a big deal, but exterior stain is expensive and when you are consuming more, it can really ad up.

We have traveled all over the Western United States for Custom Log Homes.  In most cases the log homes are so remote; we have to pack a tent.  

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